Le Marais Paris Food Tour

The Best Paris Food Tour in Le Marais

Embark on a culinary tour in Le Marais, one of the best neighborhoods in Paris. Sample cheese, wine, oysters, falafel, crêpes, boeuf bourguignon and crème brûlée. This is a three hour tour you'll not forget!


This tour is pretty leisurely, but you will be on your feet for three hours.

3 h
max 12
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Food & Wine
Indulge in a walking food tour in one of the most beautiful and vibrant neighborhoods of Paris - Le Marais. A perfect introduction to the highest-quality French cuisine, this Paris food tour is an excellent way to experience the delicious delights of the City of Light. From Champagne to Paris street food to dinner in a local brasserie, this is a sumptuous journey you’ll not forget. Keep in mind, most food tours in Paris do not include hot food or a sit-down meal - but we do! That means you'll get the complete Paris culinary experience. This three-hour tour includes:
- An English-speaking, local foodie guide
- Food, wine and an insightful tour of Le Marais
- Maximum group size of 12
- A sit-down hot dinner at a Parisian restaurant

French Oysters and Champagne in Paris

What better way to begin your food tour in Paris than with a glass of champagne? At the first stop, your guide will pop open some posh bubbly to kick off your Paris food tour. Learn more about this premium beverage and discover why not just any sparkling wine can be called Champagne. Next, your guide will explain why oysters are important to taste when in France and teach you a little bit about why they are considered a typical part of French cuisine. 

Cheese and Wine Tasting

Did you know that there are over 1,000 varieties of cheese in France alone? Cheese is an important part of French food and culture. Any trip to Paris without a cheese tasting is simply incomplete! Sample multiple cheeses in a historical venue - Paris’ oldest covered market. There's no better way to compliment your cheese tasting than with some good French wine. Enjoy another glass to accompany the tasty cheese and bread. 

Famous Falafel

It’s true, you might not associate falafel with France, but these deep-fried chickpea balls are a street food staple for Parisians. In addition, you’d be hard-pressed to find a local who couldn’t tell you their favorite falafel spot. Try out the most popular falafel restaurant in Paris for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

The Art of Parisian Crêpes

You simply can’t come to France and not try at least one crêpe! That would be like visiting Italy and not having a gelato. Served up sweet or savory, French people consider crêpes both snacks and full meals. Try two different kinds of savory crêpes, plus some hard cider to make the experience even more authentic.

Hot and Savory Boeuf Bourguignon

Any complete culinary tour of Paris requires an authentic meal in a local Parisian brasserie. At this stop, sit down and relax while enjoying some boeuf bourguignon and mashed potatoes. This delicious beef stew requires hours to slow-cook and simmer with a variety of delicious vegetables. Our friends at the local brasserie have taken all the hard work out - all you have to do is eat and enjoy! And of course, red wine is included.

Sweet Crème Brûlée

To end this food tour in Paris in the right way, the last stop of the evening is to tuck into one of France’s most famous desserts - crème brûlée! Served in a circular dish, crème brûlée is a vanilla custard topped with a layer of crispy caramelized sugar. Learn why this dish is a French staple and taste the addictive delight for yourself. Life has never been so sweet. And before you say Au Revoir to your Parisian foodie guide, make sure to ask about other things to do, places to eat and souvenirs to buy in Paris. After all, we're the France experts.