Louvre Under the Stars Evening Tour

Spend an Evening with the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

Want to see the Louvre at night? Here's your chance. This Louvre night tour gives you VIP access to the art of the Louvre Museums after normal closing time. Avoid the crowds and witness the collections in a new light.


This tour is quite leisurely. Stroll through the main galleries of the museum.

2 h
max 15
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Mona Lisa

Are you looking for unusual things to do in Paris? How about touring the Louvre at night? Not only does this special small group Louvre night tour let you skip the crowds, lines and heat, but it also provides a fresh way to see the Louvre's amazing collections. If you aren’t an early morning person, or you just want fewer distractions as you enjoy the museum’s treasures, this is the best Louvre tour for you. This 2-hour tour includes:

  • After-hours access to the Louvre Museums
  • - An English-speaking guide with expertise in art history
  • - Access to the treasures inside the Louvre without the heat and crowds
  • - A maximum group size of 15 people

Night Tour of the Louvre Museum

Skipping the line, take a journey with your expert Louvre guide through art history as you walk through the rooms of the most fascinating “living” museums on earth. Did you know the Louvre used to serve as a fortress, then a palace? Now functioning as the world's largest museum, experience the vastness of this beautiful space during it's more empty hours. 

The Mystery Behind Mona Lisa

Why is the Mona Lisa Famous? Well for starters, many art historians and appreciators debate whether the subject of the painting is happy or sad. But aside from that, the Mona Lisa was actually stolen in 1911. Your guide will whisk you away in the details and elaborate on what makes this iconic work worth more than $800 million. Snap a picture and continue on to some of the Louvre’s other greatest artworks. 

Sculptures of the Louvre

The Louvre is not only home to thousands of paintings, it also houses countless famous statues. Among the most admired statues, you can find the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo. Then, explore some of the museum's great Greek and Roman antiquities. Your guide will unravel the history and mythology behind the Louvre's greatest sculptures while you take it all in. 

Take Your Time and Explore the Collections

If you want to stay inside the Louvre Museums after the conclusion of your evening tour, go right ahead! The museums remain open for another hour after the guided tour concludes. Take your time and revisit your favorite works of art or simply wander around taking in the intense beauty of your surroundings.